5 Simple Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Content

5 Simple Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Content

Quality content with great value to users has become one of the key factors both directly and indirectly in Search Engines’ algorithms. In this post I have made a few suggestions that will contribute towards the creation of quality, valuable and share worthy content.


1. Talk like you can be trusted

It is of utmost importance for your audience to be able to trust you. As a matter of fact, trust is one of the first item discussed in Google’s official guideline for building high-quality sites. Trust is not only about delivering goods and services (although it’s a major part that shouldn’t be ignored by any means). You can reflect your trustworthiness in your copy too. This can be done in a number of ways:

1.1 Don’t over do it.

Notice any difference between the two messages:

‘We are offering 20% off of our products for the month of February’


‘Oh boy, have we got a deal for you’

The second version of the message above might appear to be over the top to your audience in certain cases.

1.2 Provide reputed references while making any claims.

If you are making any claims, back them by providing reputed sources. Any claim that can’t be backed by facts can come and bite you in the back when you least expect it. Furthermore, Google is also planning a crackdown on web sources with false claims. If you are a copywriter and your client is not specifically interested in providing the references, it’s a good idea to jot down all the sources of your information just in case it is asked for in the future.

1.3 Don’t broadcast. Communicate & relay the information in a conversational manner.

People in general like down to earth and warm conversations, broadcasts and announcements — not so much. So be careful of the tone you are about to use on your new product launch page.

For example; take a guess how one would react to the two versions of the message below:

‘Oziti Corporation is now offering web design services.’

‘Hi guys, we have just started offering web design services. Really excited!’

1.4 Be thoughtful of your audience and use an appropriate tone

Your tone refers to your attitude towards the subject of your message. The tone of the message you are trying to relay has been known to affect your readers and/or customers[1].

2. Deliver content with value to your reader, not a sales pitch.

This is something I have seen some agencies do time and again. Assuming your agency blog to be nothing but a platform to get more clients. I agree that every page or post should have a pre-defined motive but you should give your motive serious thought. As I have said in the past, to a customer, there’s nothing more appealing than your thorough knowledge of the keyword subject.

3. Use good headlines.

This one is perhaps the most important item in this list. A headline can make or break your content piece. Big brands test their headlines rigorously as they are well aware of the fact that headline of the copy has an impact on the following critical factors:

3.1 First impressions[2] (on the Search Engine Result Page)

Headlines sum up or describe your content in just a few words. Phrasing your core message properly is the key to a good first impression (especially if you believe in love at first sight {nah, it’s nothing to do with love, just something that a bunch of shrinks found out}).

3.2 Click through rate

How many times have you come across a headline like:

’10 things our politicians did this year, you won’t believe #6′

you were not really searching for a piece like this but just because this statement challenged your belief system for #6, you clicked it anyway.

3.3 Visitor’s expectation & anticipation

As you can see, user expectation is impacted by the headline of your content, it becomes important to follow up the promise you’ve made in your headline by delivering value.

4. Break your content into paragraphs, make it scannable

Accept the fact that your visitor has got the attention span of a goldfish and insert bold headlines. In an eyetracking study conducted by nngroup[3], it was found that internet users scan your content following an F shaped pattern. The study found out that:

  • Users won’t read your text thoroughly
  • The first two paragraphs must state the most important information.
  • Start subheads, paragraphs, and bullet points with information-carrying words.

5. Use visually compelling images.

This one is nothing to do with writing but does play a key role in keeping those goldfish focused on your actual message. Since your users scan the content, it is recommended you use some diagrams or appropriate images to go with your post. If you are willing to go an extra mile, why not create a video with a visual story to deliver your message.

Other tips worth a mention:

  1. Split (A/B) test your headlines.
  2. Use charts/graphs for data visualisation.
  3. Convert your post into an infographic.
  4. Write different copy & CTAs for mobile users.

If you’re still here, why not scroll down a bit & leave a comment below to share your tips with the other readers.


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  • Matija on March 19, 2015

    Hi there, excellent post, specially point 1.3 – don’t broadcast. As I understand don’t just make PR articles, be useful. Give your visitors some benefit. Regards, Matija, Slovenia

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