8 ways to turn your doorway pages into amazing nodes.

8 ways to turn your doorway pages into amazing nodes.

Has your business website got some pages with very similar or thin content to target particular suburbs? If your answer is yes, continue reading this post as these pages are at a high risk of getting penalised.

Doorway pages are typically large sets of poor-quality pages where each page is optimized for a specific keyword or phrase. In many cases, doorway pages are written to rank for a particular phrase and then funnel users to a single destination. Whether deployed across many domains or established within one domain, doorway pages tend to frustrate users.

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Google has made it very clear on several occasions that these pages are not welcome. Assuming that these pages are of great significance to your business, let’s discuss a few ways to improve the quality of these pages in order to gain trust and respect from the Search Engines.

doorway pages

Location based doorway pages are very common.


If you can not invest any time or resources, take these pages down. Merge the content to one single page and implement 301 redirects from the old pages. If these pages are of vital significance to your business and you still want to keep them, you can either hire a professional copywriter or take a look at following recommendations that I usually suggest to my clients:

  1. Add factual information about the potential growth and opportunities for your typical clients’ interests in this area. So for instance, you sell and repair musical instruments, discuss what opportunities this suburb offers.
  2. Consult a local from this region to find out the trends in your business category in this region. Take a moment to discuss those trends on your page and show how your products are up to it.
  3. Compare your business with the other local businesses in the suburb. I really like this one as it offers you an opportunity to highlight your USPs (Unique Selling Points).
  4. Make a video of your regional office or the central hub of this suburb, and do a storytelling while the video is running. Explain the services you offer in this suburb and maybe mention your distance from this central hub. If you can think of something else that people can relate to, use that instead. Don’t forget to write down everything spoken in the video as a transcript underneath the video.
  5. If you’ve already had clients from the suburb this page is for, use a few of their success stories (not the long and boring ones) on this page.
  6. Provide some useful links to high quality websites for the local audience. For example, if you are a counsellor, providing some quick link to the local suicide help line website can help save a life. These outgoing links are also respected by the search engines and will help you gain their trust.
  7. Let the visitors review your services. This allows your users to generate the relevant & unique content for you.
  8. Add a map with your location that lets people get the directions.

Keep in mind that you are not writing for the Search Engines. Your copy should be concise and everything in it should be worth reading.

Hope this helps. I know how tiresome it is to put effort into a page that you thought you had already created. Think of it as a long term investment. You shall be rewarded for all your hard work. Good luck.


  • Glenn on February 16, 2015

    This is a good article. From the beginning I knew my copy was a little thin and if there were any doorway pages they were unintentional.
    I kept trying to direct my site to my local audience and changed sections of copy from time to time.
    Gave up after a while and hired a professional copywriter.
    Now I’m comfortable that I don’t have any doorway pages or any of the other ‘unrealised’ traps that you can fall into.

    • Oziti on February 17, 2015

      Hi Glenn,

      It’s great that you’ve got it sorted. Hiring a pro copywriter is one of the best decisions for a small business. Wish you good luck with your business 🙂

    • Ivo on March 18, 2015

      Hey Glenn, don’t forget to check from time to time your copies into Copyscape, because I’ve seen professional copywriters and “professional copywriters”. Make sure you know who are you dealing with, taking in consideration that you are paying for this service, right?

  • Jayden on March 18, 2015

    I have an e-commerce site that sells lawn mowing equipment. There is not much that we can add to these pages now and they do have thin content, There are about 30 different products we have at the moment. Are these pages doorway?

  • Carl on March 18, 2015

    I could not even find a difference in the text on the pages.


    This site is managed by Google themselves and is CLEARLY a doorway page site. So what gives? I simply would NEVER take down a page I built whether Google likes it or not.

  • Jayden on March 19, 2015

    I agree, these pages are clearly doorway pages and would be nice if someone from Google addresses what’s going on here.

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