Harness the power of Long Tail Keywords in 2017 to boost your traffic and sales

Harness the power of Long Tail Keywords in 2017 to boost your traffic and sales

Long Tail Keywords are very specific search queries (often 3 – 5 words long) that people use to reach your business. We have successfully used long tail keywords for the start-ups to compete with the big and established brands and this article sheds some light on why you should be using them too.

long tail keywords graph

The above graph shows us a direct relationship between your competition and the precision of queries.

Long tail keywords will help you score some easy wins over big and established brands. It will also help you get some quick business. A user coming to your site using a long tail keyword knows precisely what he is after. It is one of the reasons why these keywords are so powerful. I have seen plenty of big businesses SEOs ignore low volume long tail keywords. That’s fair enough because they have bigger goals & limited resources but we see this limitation of big businesses as a huge advantage for small businesses.

User Intent Matters

If you have a funnel setup for your landing pages, you will notice that people coming to your website searching for your brand (one – two word) have a completely different intent to the ones coming to your website using a specific 4 word query. A broad intent means more drop-offs. For Example: “Perth Dental” “book teeth whitening appointment in Perth” The intent of your visitor in the first query is very broad. You can’t be sure if the person is just reviewing your services, comparing the costs or simply seeing if you offer the services he is after. The second query however is very specific and is much more likely to convert. In this specific case, it would be really helpful from the user experience point of view if you take care of the following items:

  • Make sure all the information is above the fold.
  • Book an appointment can be easily spotted (above the fold).

Long Tail Keywords For Services

Small business service providers can launch a campaign targeting the juicy long tail Keywords. They can also offer personalised services with a much more humanised experience that big businesses can not offer. That being said, the long tail keyword technique has well been used by big brands like Apple and Amazon. People like to see the human side of a brand, it also helps personalise their experience while using your services. A ‘personalised’ experience shows that you care for them (your clients) and they know that if you care for them, they can trust you more than the big businesses. If your service was great, this creates loyalty and a potential word of mouth opportunity.

Long Tail Keywords For Products

If you are selling products, long tail keywords can be really helpful in reaching out to your potential customers quickly and if your products offer an attractive USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that your clients are really going to like, they will share it with friends or work colleagues on the social media helping you score another easy win over your established competition.

Don’t let it backfire

The long tail keyword strategy sounds very tempting and hence it can be very easy for a start-up to read this post and be willing to create a bunch of pages targeting the long tail keywords but you must be careful and aware of the issues that thin content and doorway pages can cause. Read our post on doorway pages for more details. To sum it up, do not add content to your website that adds no significant value and does not pay for your user’s time. It will hurt your website in the long run.

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