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We are Rockingham's local web design company

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We are a Rockingham based web design company and we deliver awesomeness

We make some cool websites, websites that stand out, connect with your prospects and rank high enough to be found by them on the search result pages.

And of course…

All the websites we deliver are responsive (mobile friendly) and adapt to any device you view it on.

We have successfully worked with several small businesses in Rockingham and pushed them to success on the search engine result pages.

The websites we deliver are secure, easy to edit and get results.


If you know how to write an e-mail, you will be able to manage your new website. That’s how easy we make it for you. Contact us today and make the change to an easy to use website and lower ongoing costs.


We use WordPress for most of our web design projects and make manageable websites so that you can edit yourself without having to require any knowledge of coding or photoshop.

We use PHP and Node.js for most of the server side scripting, MySql for databases and javascript for client side scripting.


Why WordPress?

Having worked with and maintained more than 50 content management systems, we are fairly certain that no other content management system (CMS) comes even close to what WordPress is capable of. WordPress is the only CMS that has a core foundation that can be used efficiently to create ‘simple’ brochure websites as well as complex e-commerce websites.

it is also easy to maintain, user friendly and offers extensibility like no other CMS. Currently, we do NOT create with any other CMS.


See the sections below for details on our web design process and pricing


(your journey from raw ideas to a successful business)



First step involves client brainstorming. This helps us establish that we and you are on the same page. We define the scope of your project and clear ambiguity, if any.

In this phase, we try to figure out the following critical aspects for your online presence:

  1. Target audience
  2. Your goal
  3. Your inspiration
  4. Competition
  5. Project summary or any other specific instructions



Based on the information we have collected in the first phase, we plan your site architecture. If you already have the architecture planned, we work with that and plan the best way of putting your message across so that it is visually appealing to your target audience and is inline with your website’s overall feel or vice versa.

Laying out a concrete plan for your website’s hierarchy, information structure, visual design and lead acquisition helps us create a great website for you from the get go.



Once we have a solid plan for your website, we work on your website’s design and development.

All the coding, artwork creation and addition of content to your site is done in this phase. You can either provide us with your own content or hire our copywriter to create it for you.

On completion, your website is deployed to a test server where you can access it and request any changes before it is live.



In this stage, we test your website for browser compatibility, broken links, spelling mistakes and anything in between. Once we are done with testing, we run it through you and launch the website.

Once the site is launched we keep an eye on your visitor activity on all devices to look for any inconsistencies and elements that may be creating trouble.

If your business faces high competition and aren’t getting any traffic, we can do SEO for your website.

After the launch of your website, we make updating your content extremely easy and FREE. You don’t need to come to us for every minute content update. This gives you flexibility to modify or play around with the copy and media on your website it case it is not getting expected results.


'Good work ain't cheap, cheap work ain't good'

4 page HTML Website

Excellent for establishing an online presence, building brand awareness and having a basic static website to which you do not want to make a lot of edits. You get 4 pages and a contact form.

E-Commerce Website

The ideal online store package. You get an awesome Woocommerce site fully integrated with leading payment gateways. The ability to add unlimited products and pages yourself. A fully responsive design, suitable for all devices plus the ability to make all future edits yourself.

Please contact us to get a quote for your project.

Web Design Rockingham

Rockingham’s most trusted web design professionals. Contact us today to have your website done professionally. Start a web design project today. Quality coding, value for money.

Web Design Mandurah

We provide services in Mandurah Region as well. Take a look at our Mandurah web design page for more details regarding our services in Mandurah and Peel region.

Affordable Web Design

Who is to say that stunning websites with great User Interface have to cost you a fortune? Most of our businesses are small businesses and our services are all reasonably priced so that your startup overheads are low.

Logo Design

Once finalised, your logo will represent your business everywhere. It is your shortest form of communication, your identity.

Graphic Design & Print Media

We design business cards, posters, lawn signs, stationary and brochures to consolidate the consistency of your brand identity.

E-Commerce Websites

Sell your products online by creating your own store. Having your own store gives you flexibility and you do not have to pay the commission to big online stores.

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Cross Compatibility

With production and the sales of a variety of devices rising, at Oziti, we are committed to make your website look great on all browsers & Devices.

Optimised Code

Your website comes optimised for the Search Engine Bots. We support Schema.org code, which allows you to output microdata in your site’s code.


Your website is automatically backed up on the server after a specified period of time. If you have made a mistake, we can restore it for you.


Let's get the project started. Just fill in the details below and we'll be in touch with you shortly. Please include any queries and your deadline (if any) in the message.


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