Differences between Large and Small Businesses

All large businesses were small at one point or another meaning that even the giants of commerce that you know and love today, Nike, Apple, Coca Cola, started off in someone’s garage on a tiny budget operated by a madman with a vision. Today we’re going to be looking at some of the differences between large and small businesses.

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Small businesses and startups outnumber big businesses in any country by a huge margin. This is because there will always be niche markets where astute entrepreneurs can turn an opportunity into a flourishing business. Small businesses can be wildly different from large businesses from the way they function to the culture that they embody. Small businesses can be a lot more charismatic and personable than large companies. Unfortunately, a common complaint with large companies is that the larger they are, the less human they feel. The charisma and passion that enables the small business to grow large are, unfortunately, being replaced by standardization and some companies lose the sheer force of personality that it took to make them grow. The small businesses on the other hand operate like a rogue in the jungle, taking whatever opportunity they can to survive and thrive, thinking creatively, and using wacky solutions to difficult problems on the fly to help them grow.

Small businesses as a result have the power to revolutionize. It was always small businesses that changed the way we live forever. Small businesses invented the refrigerator, the car, basically everything that is commonplace to you now was once the brainchild of a CEO of some unknown company who decided that their invention was good enough to believe in. The small business is able to think radically and out of the box because, they answer to no one. There is no huge board of directors that they need to please and that need to be taken through every step of the process. Instead, the small business is free to do as they please when they please.

Small businesses are also very people-focused. When you have a small team, it’s natural that they will be extremely close. And the thing about a startup is that they are a lot of work, and teamwork is a huge part of what makes them such a powerful force in the economy. Small businesses often can’t afford a lot of specialists or freelancers, so it requires the employees it has currently to think collaboratively and creatively. This fosters a fantastic team spirit and entices job seekers to be a part of the business.

Small businesses also tend to reward their employees a lot more than large companies because employees are valued and recognized a lot more for their talents and their capacity to contribute to the team.

Aubrey Hendrix
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