Types of Signs to Ensure Safety at Construction Sites

Safety is very important when it comes to construction sites as there are a lot of hazards to be considered. These hazards will pose a risk to the workers on the site as well as visitors to site and general public. Safety signs can be used to communicate vital information to those at the construction site as a way to minimise accidents.

There are mandatory signs

That should be placed in construction signs that will convey an action that you should take in order to be safe. You will see these signs in a blue background and white text. Some of the mandatory construction site signs you will come across are “hard hat area” and “high visibility clothing must be worn”. Signs lie these will remind the people at site to take certain precautions. There are warning signs as well that will let people know of hazards on the construction site. These will have a yellow background and the symbols or text on the sign will be in black. Some examples of warning signs are “caution: construction area ahead” and “watch or falling debris”. These signs help you maintain better awareness of your surroundings and therefore reduce the risk of accidents at site.

There are certain actions that can be dangerous when it comes to a construction site.

These will be shown on prohibition signs which come with a white background and text or symbol in black. These signs are generally round and tend to have a red border. You will see these signs preventing unauthorised access by displaying “No Entry Without Permission”.  These signs are also used to display “do not enter” and “no smoking”. There are safety signs that will provide important information to the people at site such as instructing them on the rules for access and providing emergency contact details. These signs are called information signs and some will give directions as well. Some examples of information signs are “emergency exit” and “first aid station”. You will be able to rely on these signs to understand what you have to do in a certain situation. The essential resources on a construction site will be highlighted with these signs as well.

There are specific signs

That are used in construction sites such as “Keep Out – Construction Site” and “Authorized Personnel Only” messages. You can ensure that only authorised personnel are allowed into high risk areas by using these signs. There are traffic control signs in construction sites as well that will help manage the movement of certain equipment and vehicles. Some examples you will see are “Yield”, “Stop” and “One Way”. In the event of an emergency, there will be emergency signs that will help people get to safety by displaying messages such as “Emergency Evacuation Route” and “Fire Exit”. This way, everyone at the construction site will have an idea of how to react in an emergency such as a natural disaster, fire etc. If there are hazardous materials at the site, you will see hazardous material signs carrying messages such as “Flammable Material” and “Hazardous Material Storage Area”.

Aubrey Hendrix
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