Online Vs Physical Store. Which is Better?

Many people view shopping as one of two things. Either a blessing or a chore. I personally view it as the former, nothing gets my jimmies all rustled like the prospect of spending a few hours in a solid department store grabbing the latest fashion. And for the people that see shopping as a chore, I find it hard to understand your point of view but hey we’re all different. Besides just because you don’t like buying clothes doesn’t mean you don’t shop at all right? You probably spend a few hours a month shopping either online or in a physical store to get your groceries and home supplies.

You may not be a lover of shopping like I am but at least you have the choice of shopping online or visiting the store in person. Both methods of shopping have their own advantages but let’s take a second to appreciate that we can use online shopping to literally switch up our entire wardrobe while we faff around the house. Whether you like shopping physically or virtually, Scanlan Theodore outlets are excellent for getting your weekly shopping done.

The pros of shopping online are as follows. If you have kids, online shopping will save you so much drama. Getting that rascal to put on more than two outfits is a pretty herculean challenge. And you just don’t have to worry about all that when you’re shopping online. They’re not bothering you constantly and you don’t have to struggle in the fit on room. Perfect. Besides, after you confirm their sizes after the first few orders you will be able to take great advantage of the sales and discounts that the stores will have. Mind you, try to buy pants with some elastic in the waistband because these kids tend to outgrow clothes faster than you can buy them.

When it comes to you, you will also find that online shopping is fun in its own way. True you can’t exactly feel the garment, smell it, or try it on but many retailers actually offer a virtual try-on mechanism using your camera which can sometimes work and sometimes not so much. Regardless, after a long day’s work you don’t even want to try out the clothes, simply get out the phone and let the retail therapy do its thing.

Physical stores often have you focusing on just a few items out of all the various items that they have on sale. Because you’re taking them, feeling them, trying them on etc. With online shopping, you can browse through the entire catalogue in a fraction of the time making it a far more time-efficient way of getting your shopping done. In addition, doing all your shopping online can have you signing up for emails from the best clothing stores. These stores often send out emails informing you of the latest sales and you can get yourself that brand new jacket you’ve been eyeballing for half the usual price. That’s the beauty of online shopping.      

Aubrey Hendrix
the authorAubrey Hendrix