What to Know About Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a platform for pay-per-click advertising so that advertisers are able to display their ads on Google search results pages. You can pay to get your ads ranked higher. You will only have to pay if a visitor clicks the ad.

The way Google AdWords work is similar to an auction. Advertisers pay Google to display their ads based on the country and users they are targeting. There are companies that offer Google AdWords Management Services to simplify the process and ensure you have a better chance of getting your ad displayed. There are keywords that advertisers can bid on when it comes to the Google search network. And when a user enters these keywords into the search bar, the ad covering these keywords will be displayed at the top. Businesses can target users on the display network as well where the banner of the advertiser will be displayed on websites that are part of Google network. You will need to place a bid to secure your ad position and Google will select the as based on the competition and price bid by the others.

Sometimes your ad position can do down. Your ad position is determined by your maximum bid and the quality score. The maximum bid is the amount you are willing to pay when a user clicks your ad. But Google looks at how well your ad is optimized, click-through rates, the quality of the landing page that users are directed to and also how relevant your ad is based on what the users are searching for when determining the quality score. If you have a high quality score aided by a successful Google AdWords campaigns managed by a professional company, you have a better chance of displaying your ad at the top just above the organic search results.

You have to understand the goals of your company before guiding the direction of Google AdWords. The strategies used will be different for building your brand or generating leads. You also need a deeper understanding of your ideal customer to create highly targeted ads. You need to know information such as what your ideal customer does, their needs, demography, interests and what type of mobile device they are searching for products and services. This allows you to develop audience personas. There are keyword tools that you can use to research in order to understand the keywords most used by your target customer. This allows you to create targeted ads that are more appealing to users persuading them to click on it and visit your website. Your Google AdWords account can be structured into different ad groups as well as advertisement campaigns. The cost per click for the ad will go up when the competition for the keywords goes up. So an alternative that can be done in this situation is bidding for long-tail keywords. Once you create an ad copy, you have to make sure it has a compelling headline to attract users with a clear call to action, relevant keywords pertaining to the search and ad extensions. You also need to make sure your landing page is mobile friendly.

Aubrey Hendrix
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